Al - Habeeb College Of Engineering & Technology

Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to JNTUH, Hyderabad

Established in the year 2002

ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified / EAMCET CODE : ALHB

Al Habeeb Charitable Trust
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Al Habeeb Charitable Trust
  • Advancement and propagation of education and learning establishment, maintenance and support of schools, colleges and other educational institutions in order to eradicate illiteracy among the Muslim Minority in particular and other communities in general.
  • To make provision to advance the cause of, and impart Nursery, primary, secondary, higher, commercial, industrial, medical, technical, physical and all besides any other type or kind of education.
  • To establish, acquire, maintain, run, develop, improve and extend schools, colleges, workshops and institutions including Jr. Colleges, Degree Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Coaching Centers, Technical institutions and Universities engaged in imparting of education to students upto any level that maybe found necessary and/or desirable in all fields of science, art, computer, IT, Engineering, Medicine etc.
  • To receive and accept donations, gifts, subscriptions, grants from individuals, national and international organizations, governments, voluntary organizations, trusts, societies, foundations, companies, partnerships, towards the corpus of the trust or specifically for any particular object or activity of the trust.
  • To charge fees and otherwise to recoup themselves for the outlay and expenses incurred in running the institution in the promotion of the objects of the trust.
  • To accumulate the income and funds of the Trust in order to achieve objects of this trust subject to any statute or laws of Government of India.
  • Financial Assistance to poor students for Educational purpose. And to promote adult education.
  • To establish, run, manage, and administer any training institution, professional and Technical colleges/schools to train persons to be teachers to strengthen the Trust’s cadre of teaching staff and to ensure proper learning process among the students.
  • To hold, arrange and organize meeting, lecture, talks, discussions, seminars, symposia, conference, competitions, research and study visits, tours, excursions, exhibition, debates, cinema, audio-visual programmes, and other cultural activities, sports and games.
  • Advancements and propagation of education and learning including establishment, maintenance and support of schools, colleges, Madras’s and other educational institutions, auditoriums, professorships, lectureship, scholarship and prizes etc.
  • The Trust shall adopt all steps as per guidelines issued in the National policy on Education 1986, according to which Muslims have been declared “educationally deprived and Backward” in order to bring them on par with the other communication in the National mainstream in the larger interests of National integration, as motivated in the guidelines subsequently issued in October, 1989 by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.
  • To establish, run and maintain hospital, Nursing Homes, clinics and centers for medical relief.
  • To undertake and assist in research work in applied sciences and other fields and to strive for the provision of Education, improvement of Character and social attitude of the deserving people in general and the Muslim Minority in particular.
  • To strive for co-operation among all Indian citizens by organizing cultural functions. • To initiate appropriate steps to propagate all languages in general and the language of Muslim Minority in particular i.e., Urdu and Arabic.
  • To undertake any other Charitable work in the nature of direct relief to living persons, animals or any other living things.
  • To undertake any work resulting in aid to children in orphanages or otherwise old aged persons in the homes for the aged or otherwise.
  • To establish, maintain and support reading rooms, Libraries, welfare centers, Museums and distribution of books etc., for advancement of education and knowledge in general.
  • To promote take up the advancement of philosophy of religion, art, culture and activities of refinement.
  • The Trust shall arrange Convocation camps, Conferences, Seminars etc., to achieve its main objective of National Integration.
  • The Trust shall attempt to promote one of its aims, which is to encourage “Parda observing Muslim women” to better their education standards, to enable them to meet the challenges of science and Technology in pursuance of the guidelines issued in the National Policy on Education 1986.
  • Shall try to establish a translation Bureau whenever it is feasible to translate modern and scientific world to Urdu language.
  • Relief to people in distress like distribution of food, clothing etc., and also Medical relief to ailing sick persons and Mentally retarded persons. And advancement of any other objects of general public utility and relief.
  • To do all that is necessary for the attainment of the objectives for which the trust is created.
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