Al - Habeeb College Of Engineering & Technology

Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to JNTUH, Hyderabad

Established in the year 2002

ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified / EAMCET CODE : ALHB

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
The course aims at studying all the basic engineering sciences and is designed to introduce the students to a variety of problems encountered by civil engineers such as: Structures, Foundation, Construction, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering, Works Management and Cost, Transportation Engineering, Irrigation Engineering etc.

Civil Engineering involves the design and construction of roads, bridges, railways etc. and the erection of large buildings. Civil engineers are responsible for planning and designing a project and having it constructed to the required scale. New areas include the field of structural engineering and emerging technologies like Finite element analysis, Artificial intelligence and Neural networks. A civil engineer is concerned with the creation of constructed facilities. The activities involve planning, analysis, design, construction & maintenance of a Variety of facilities such as building, highways & rail-roads, water-ways & canals, dams & power houses, water treatment & sewage disposal system, docks & harbors, bridges, & tunnels.

With increase in demand in construction due to economic progress made by India, there is a huge demand for civil engineers in all specialized fields (Water Resources, Structural Engg., Transportation, Geotechnical etc.). In private sector where professionals aim for high salaries, similar to ERP or other software’s, work is outsourced to India by developed nations, even civil design work is being outsourced. Many companies in Hi-Tech City are carrying out the consultation with foreign construction companies.

New software’s are entering the market which ease the calculation of designs of buildings, roads, water structures etc like SAP, PDS, ETABS, SAFE, X-STEEL etc. As these are new software’s in the market, companies are not demanding experience, so just learning will surely be helpful in boarding the job.
Advanced Labs
  • Structure Laboratory
  • Concrete Laboratory
  • Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Special Equipment
  • GDS Triaxial testing system
  • Geotextile Testing Equipment
  • MTS Servo Actuator System - 250 KN Capacity
  • Fine Particulate Sampler
  • Respirable Dust Sampler
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