Al - Habeeb College Of Engineering & Technology

Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to JNTUH, Hyderabad

Established in the year 2002

ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified / EAMCET CODE : ALHB

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
There is hardly any aspect of life that is not influenced by a Mechanical Engineer. Mechanical Engineering involves the production transmission and use of mechanical power.

Mechanical Engineers research, develop, design, manufacture and test tools, engines, and other mechanical devices. They work on power generating machines such as electricity generators, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, jet and rocket engines. They also develop machines such as refrigerators and air-conditioners, robots, material handling systems and industrial production equipment.

Mechanical Engineering work also include designing and developing jet engines, steam engines, power plants, under water structures, hydraulic system measurement devices, etc.

AHCET has established highly advanced CAD/CAM labs to propagate emerging technologies and train manpower in the field of computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing with best possible efficiencies. Mechanical Engineering is the broadest and most diverse engineering discipline. Not many people can perform their jobs without Mechanical Engineers.
Virtually every company that produces a product employs mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers are also involved in the computer industry in the design of hard disk drives, in the cooling of electronic components of a computer.

In tune with the above requirement, AHCET has established advanced and well equipped CAD/CAM labs and the latest software like Auto Desk Educational Solution set, ANSYS 10.0 PRO-E, CNC Lathe and CNC Milling Machin.
Areas of Specialization
Include applied mechanics computer-aided design and manufacturing: energy systems, pressure vessels and piping, heating, refrigeration.
Solar Car
A car designed and developed by our team of mechanical engineers which traps and conserves solar light and runs without petrol. The solar car also does not cause any environmental pollution.
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